Groganics Grotivator Moisturising Lotion
Grotivator contains a complex mixture of energizing herbal extracts designed to motivate and stimulate the hair follicle. Grotivator is a daily use, super-gentle formula that can be used with any product. Grotivator protects and repairs your hair and scalp to...
Groganics Liquid Scratch Daily Scalp Tonic 240ml
A unique blend of Amazonian herbal extracts and natural ingredients formulated to treat advance hair loss and thinning. Eliminates itching while nourishing the scalp itself, preventing breakage before it starts. Packed with vitamins such as A,B,E to build a strong...
Groganics Medigro Ice Oil 118 ml
Formulated with a blend of stimulating herbs and humectant molecules to deliver a therapeutic cooling sensation to your scalp with every drop. Fortified with Saw Palmetto, a nerve sedative and antiseptic that helps the skin to work against DHT growth....
Groganics Moleculizing Root Lifter 118.28ml
Specially formulated to concentrate solely on slow growing roots. Cleanses your scalp, lifts and strengthens your roots to promote long, healthy hair. Infused with natural blend of herbal proteins to deliver nourishment right to the root. Packed with vitamins, deep...
Groganics On The Spot Intensive Scalp Serum
Specially formulated to target areas where dryness and breakage mostly occur like the  crown, edges and the nape. Perfect ro be used as either a preventative or combative solution for hair loss and breakage. This product contains Saw Palmetto which...
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